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We are moving! *UPDATE*

Updated: Aug 14, 2022

UPDATE 14 August 2022:

Dear Valued Clients,

We received some wild and unexpected yet exciting news this week! A slot at Robins opened and they assigned it to my husband! *Cue happy dance*

The unfortunate news about this is my office has been rented out to another individual, so I won't be starting massage therapy appointments right away until the logistics have been worked out. Whether it's part time at the same office or another office opportunity opens, but I will keep everyone updated as I can.

However, I will be taking birth and postpartum clients as well as placenta encapsulations as soon as we return! We are exhausted from the move and turning around to move right back, but we are so excited to be going home! Thank you all for being wonderful loyal clients and bearing with me on this crazy journey. I will see you all soon!

UPDATE 26 June 2022:

Dear Valued Clients,

The unfortunate time has finally arrived. All available appointments for this week have been filled and then my office doors will close. It has been a wonderful time working with you all these past few years and I look forward to seeing you all again upon our return.

ORIGINAL POST 16 May 2022:

Dear Valued Clients, As many of you know, Free Spirit Massage & Doula Services, LLC is a small business owned by me, a military spouse. My wonderful husband has been serving overseas on a 1-year short tour and we have received orders to relocate as a result. We are moving to Oklahoma!

Unfortunately, this means that anyone with pre-paid massage packages or gift cards need to schedule their sessions before 30 June 2022. I will not be taking any massage clients or new doula clients after 30 June 2022, but I will complete any doula services already under contract before relocating.

I would like to express my continued gratitude and sincere thanks for all of the support you have given during the past seven years here at Robins Air Force Base and surrounding areas. We do plan to return to the area in a couple of years and hope to see you all upon our return! Until then, please feel free to reach out if you have any questions. You can also view my local resources page for local area recommendations.

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