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I'm on call! 

What this means... I go "on call" for my birth doula clients 2 weeks before their due date to 2 weeks after. This means that I will not leave the local area during this time and at any time day or night during this on-call period, the expecting parent could call and tell me they are in labor and need me to assist them.

What does this mean for you?  This means that IF I get the call from the birth doula client and it interferes with your scheduled appointment, I will notify you ASAP and will reschedule your appointment so I can assist the laboring client. This could be the day before your scheduled appointment, the day of or during your session. I do request my birth doula clients to give me 1-2 hours notice so I can finish the task I am doing and then get to them. Sometimes it happens so fast that I must leave immediately.


With this said, I do understand that I hold all my clients to a 24 hour cancellation policy to keep from being charged for the last minute cancellations, so this notice will be posted only during the time I am on call as my "24 hour" (technically 4 week!) notice to you that your appointment COULD be cancelled last minute. 


This does not mean your appointment WILL be cancelled and rescheduled, but only that it COULD be. I appreciate your understanding!  

I'm on call
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