Foodie Doula

Nourish Yourself with a Food Doula

Being pregnant and giving birth is one of the most physically and mentally taxing experiences on the human body. Plenty of rest along with wholesome meals, that prioritizes overall health and recovery, are essential to insuring a positive pregnancy and postpartum experience. Foodie Doula meals are designed to be comforting and delicious, as well as restorative.

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Pregnancy & Postpartum Meals

I have always been passionate about cooking delicious and healthy food for my family and friends. I prioritize local, seasonal ingredients that nourish your body during the extra taxing time of pregnancy and healing from birth! I have experience cooking for a variety of diets (vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, wheat free, etc.). Keeping your body properly nourished during pregnancy and after childbirth is critically important, but it often gets put on the back burner. I am here to help.

Included in the meal plan package: 

  • 3-5 meals (3-6 servings per meal)


  • Nourishing meals that cater to your specific pregnancy and/or postpartum needs


  • Meals include ingredients that support your immune system, digestive health, and healing before and after birth

The Details:

We will work together to create a custom set of meals that work with your dietary preferences, with ingredients that satisfy you, and include as many nourishing components as possible, to help nourish your during pregnancy, heal from birth and have a successful postpartum.

What can be included in the meals:

  • Snacks. Nourishing snacks to help support you when you need a quick pick me up, or something that helps with lactation production.

  • Lunch and Dinner. Nutrient dense and delicious meals for you and your family to enjoy.

  • Teas and other delicious drinks. Teas with specific blends of herbs to help calm your nervous system and enhance healing. Rich drinks that warm throughout your body.

Why choose me for your meals?

  • I use meticulous protocols for Sanitation, Timing, Temperatures & Preparation.

  • I have a current Food Handlers’ Safety Certificate valid in the state of Georgia. 

  • I follow OSHA and state guidelines for proper food handling.

  • I follow diet restrictions thoroughly.