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20% Savings on These Deals!

Package Deals will be sold using eGift Cards that will be charged after each session. This will allow us both to keep track of your sessions as you use them. You must purchase an eGift Card for the amount listed for the session length/type you are purchasing and add a "personal message" with the session you are purchasing. 

Package Deals and Gift Card/Certificate Policy

All prepaid packages and gift certificates are non-refundable and must be used within a year of purchase. You may use any prepaid, unexpired sessions at any time, or they can be used by a friend or family member of any gender. Just let me know who you plan to share your packages with.

You may also choose to donate one (or more) of your sessions as a Gift Certificate or to the Pay It Forward program.  
Any requests for refunds or extensions are issued at the sole discretion of Free Spirit Massage & Doula Services, LLC.

All packages come with five (5) massage sessions! 

BOOKING Pre-Paid Sessions:
You can book these sessions using the booking calendar HERE at the bottom of the booking site.
Please use the appropriate timed option for the package you purchased. 
You will start with "Session 1 of 5" of move through the options from there. 

eGift Card Package Deals

Prenatal, Postpartum & Custom Massage Packages

60 Minutes             440
90 Minutes            660
120 Minutes          880

150 Minutes          1100

prenatal, postpartum & custom massage deals

**Prenatal & Postpartum clients are not permitted for 150 minutes. 

thai sport massage deals

Sport Stretching Massage Package

90 Minutes            720

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