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Sibling Doula

You've secured your birth doula for on-call support and have your postpartum doula and plan in place for a smooth transition into parenthood. Yet, as expected, numerous questions arise. Who will care for your older child(ren) while you're in labor? Who can be on-call to watch them during childbirth? When labor begins, who will attend to your children? Often, our clients lack family nearby, and while friends are fantastic, having a friend consistently on-call can be challenging due to their own families and careers. This is where your Sibling Doula steps in!

What is a Sibling Doula?

In a nutshell, a Sibling Doula does whatever you, your family, and your child(ren) need!

Sibling Doula services include: 

1. 24/7 on-call availability to care for your older child(ren) during your labor and birth.

2. Providing full care for your child at home or another location during your labor, including meal preparation, educational activities, and maintaining a safe and enjoyable environment.

3. Answering any questions about the birth with care and thoughtfulness while you're away.

4. Performing basic household tasks like loading the dishwasher, preparing meals, and tidying up.

5. Bringing your child to the hospital or birthing place to meet the new baby if requested. (Proper car seat safety required.)

6. Supporting your partner and you at the hospital if your partner needs to check in and share time with other children.

7. Staying with your child in the immediate postpartum period until further arrangements are made.

8. Assisting with the adjustment of siblings to the new baby after returning home.

9. Providing text, email, call, and/or video support throughout your pregnancy during normal business hours.

Before labor/delivery: 

Two in-home "play-date" visits - We will schedule two in-home visits to get to know you and your child(ren) before the birth.

1. First visit: Getting acquainted with your child(ren), birth and postpartum plans and gathering information relevant to child(ren) care.

2. Second visit: A two-hour "date night" for you and your partner, allowing your child(ren) to become more comfortable with the Sibling Doula and familiarize themselves with your home and routine.

On-Call Sibling Doula Support:

1. When to contact the sibling doula – It is the client's responsibility to inform the doula of any changes that may indicate impending labor. The sibling doula may require 1-2 hours to reach the client once called, depending on location and traffic conditions.

2. The complete fee for the sibling doula service covers the selected number of care hours. Should the client require the doula for additional hours, an hourly fee will be applied and invoiced post-birth. This additional payment is due within 2 weeks of the client's birth if applicable. The contracted hours for sibling doula support exclude time for the prenatal visit, as well as any phone/text support.

3. After delivery, the sibling doula can accompany the child(ren) to the hospital for them to meet their new sibling and capture family photos if desired (please note, I am not a professional photographer).

Sibling Doula Investments
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- One Consultation

- Two-hour date night

- Text, Email, Call, support

– Sibling Labor and birth support for 4 hours

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- One Consultation

- Two-hour date night

- Text, Email, Call, support

– Sibling Labor and birth support for 8 hours

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- One Consultation

- Two-hour date night

- Text, Email, Call, support

– Sibling Labor and birth support for 12 hours

Additional Services

  • Sibling doula hours up to 12 hours

  • In-person/virtual prenatal visit- (max 2hrs)

  • In-person/virtual postpartum visit- (max 2hrs)

  • Lactation feeding Counseling - hour

  • 90-minute massage sessions 

  • 60-minute massage sessions 

  • Infant massage class - hour

  • Birth Plan Counseling- hour

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