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Price Adjustment Notice

Updated: Dec 5, 2023

Dear Loyal and Valued Clients,

I know. I know. I hate to have to write another price adjustment notice like this, but I know that due to our current climate I'm certainly not the only small business owner who is feeling the effect and have to do this in order to keep going.

As of 1 January 2024, there will be an adjustment in the way pricing is done. Good news is.... I am only doing away with the discounted rates on top of the discounted package prices! This means all single sessions will no longer be discounted simply by booking a longer session and will be at 100% full price regardless of the length of the session. However, you CAN still get your discount by purchasing a package on the massage deals page.

Also, I come with more good news! The new prices will also reflect an all inclusive price. This means you can request hot towels, cupping, stretching, or essential oils during any of your sessions. No upcharge!

ALSO, I will be moving to a "no tipping" practice. I have slowly been moving to this over the last year, but starting in January it will be standard practice for everyone. The best tip you can give me is a Google review and even better if you also leave a Facebook review!

Doula packages will also have a slight adjustment in pricing to reflect the new prices as of

1 January 2023.

I hope you all understand and as always, I thoroughly appreciate your continued loyalty & support!

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